Rebuild Hair Bonds - Strengthen Hair Integrity

Let’s talk about bonds! To be exact, disulfide bonds. Our hair contains millions of them! Hard to believe right? What’s even harder to believe is that every day, those bonds break and cause damage. These bonds give our hair structure, stability, and strength.

Has your hair ever felt limp? Over processed or frizzy ends? Well, those could be broken disulfide bonds!

Olaplex works by repairing the hair from the inside out with it’s renowned patented ingredient. From now on, when you hear the word Olaplex, know your hair is in good hands and the integrity of your hair is taken care of!

Olaplex Repairs All Types Of Damage

Thermal damage, chemical damage, mechanical damage as well as environmental factors are all variations of damage our hair experiences. Olaplex will restore your hair’s strength and protect the hair’s follicle from further breakage.

Our favorite way to introduce this treatment is by mixing it directly into the color that’s applied to your hair.

Check out the other ways you can experience Olaplex below!

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Ways We Offer Olaplex

The Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment

We offer Olaplex as a stand-alone salon treatment that can be used on all hair types and has amazing benefits for all to enjoy. Can be used on color-treated or non-color treated hair to restore back to a natural state.

Olaplex Helps You Get Blonder, Healthier!

Since Olaplex works to build bonds, we can add Olaplex directly into any blonding service. We like to say it’s insurance for the integrity of your hair. This allows the lightener to lift further, without causing damage.

Olaplex Can Be Added To Any Color Application

Just as it works to assist in creating brighter blondes, the treatment also works great in all variations of hair coloring. You can enjoy the same benefits and feel good about coloring your hair while its protected with Olaplex.

Building Bonds During A Keratin Treatment

Because Olaplex strengthens the hair, this will assist in a better Keratin result. When your hair is stronger, the keratin can absorb into the hair easier and will also leave your hair much more shiny and soft to the touch!

Olaplex To Get Bouncy Curls

To see more definition in your curl pattern, you may need to address frizz or damage. The Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment is a perfect solution because of its restoring properties. Once your curly hair is restored, your natural pattern will bounce right back up!

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