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A haircut is so much more than a haircut to us. We believe everyone deserves an experience where the details matter and you are treated with reverence.

We take pride in delivering the best haircuts in West Knoxville. We start every service with a consultation to discuss desired results and will set you up with clear expectations for maintenance, product recommendations, and styling tips.

Every haircut service includes a haircut or trim, shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage & style.

Clipper Cuts and Scissor Cuts

We offer some great options when it comes to haircut maintenance.

If the majority of your haircut is normally done with clippers, you can book our “Clipper Cut” service, especially if you’re after a clean fade, buzz cut, or high and tight.

Maybe you have long hair and/or prefer your service is completed using scissors only, you can book our “Haircut” service to experience a scissor cut service.

Looking to take your haircut to the next level?
Reverence Haircut and Reverence Clipper Cut services include a Lanza Customized Deep Conditioning Treatment that is specifically created just for you and your hair.

These treatments target specific needs that everyone can benefit from: Choose from Strength, Volume or Moisture, or a combination of all three for the ultimate treatment.

Licensed and Certified Professional

Years of Experience

Customized For You

Men's Styles We Specialize In

Taper Fade

This style involves a close trim with clippers around the ears and neckline. Then fading up towards the top of the head while gradually blending the haircut to create a clean, fresh fade. The top is then blended into the sides and cut to how you like to style.


Generally speaking, an undercut simply means the top of the hair lays longer while the sides are closely cut or faded. The top can be fully blended, slightly blended, or completely disconnected from the sides depending on the desired look and style.

Quiff Hairstyle

A quiff hairstyle is similar to an undercut, but normally the hair on top is much longer. Think pompadour! You’ll need some length to work with on top as that will help build the volume needed for this style. Modern quiff hairstyles are now textured for a lived-in look.

Skin Fade

A skin fade is another term for a bald fade. Or vise versa. These fades are skin-tight meaning the entire hairline from ear to ear starts from the skin. From there, this length continues up the head to the desired point where it is faded into the top of the hair.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are styles cut very close to the scalp, all over, one length, and usually created with clippers using a short guard. There are now many variations of this haircut such as a faded buzz cut, tapered buzz cut, etc. A great way to show a bold expression!

Crew Cut

These haircuts have been around for a long time and are still a favorite in men’s grooming today! Crew cuts generally refer to how the top is cut, shorter at the crown while building length towards the front of the head. The front is usually styled in an upright position.

Comb Over

A classic look that is still worn by many today! The length on top is combed over in the natural direction in which the hair grows. Traditionally these hairstyles were styled using a high shine pomade.

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