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A women’s haircut is so much more than a haircut to us. We believe everyone deserves an experience where the details matter and you are treated with reverence.

We take pride in delivering the best women’s haircuts in West Knoxville. Every service starts off with a detailed consultation to discuss your desired results. We make sure to set you up with clear expectations for maintenance, product recommendations, and styling tips.

All of our haircut services include a haircut or trim, shampoo, conditioner, scalp massage & style.

Our Women's Haircut Options

We offer some great options when it comes to haircut options.

If you have long hair and/or prefer your service is completed using scissors only, you can book our “Haircut” service to experience a scissor cut service.

Maybe the majority of your haircut is normally done with clippers?  You can book our “Clipper Cut” service, especially if you’re after a clean fade, buzz cut, or high and tight. Yes, live that best life! 

Looking to take your haircut to the next level?

Our Reverence Haircut and Reverence Clipper Cut services include a Lanza Customized Deep Conditioning Treatment that is specifically created just for you and your hair.

These treatments target specific needs that everyone can benefit from: Choose from Strength, Volume or Moisture, or a combination of all three for the ultimate treatment.

Licensed and Certified Professional

Years of Experience

Customized For You

Women’s Hair Styles We Specialize In

Angled Pixie and Bobs

This women's short hairstyle allows movement while the hair flows slightly forward for added effect. This classic shape can be parted down the middle or you can select either side. Like to have texture some day and straight hair others? This is a great option to achieve both looks flawlessly.

Face Framing Layers

Looking to take your long hairstyle to the next level? Face-framing layers is the perfect haircut to remove bulky weight and help frame your face while highlighting your eyes. This style is great for all hair types and allows for an easy, speedy daily styling. Take it one more step up by adding some bangs for a fun, trendy look.

Layered Lob

This shoulder-length haircut is a great option for straight, curly, or even just wavy hair. The long bob or ``Lob`` haircut gives you all the perks of a bob, like movement and volume, while also providing the versatility of styling. Wear this style up or down, straight or curly, messy or neat, and even braided.

Blunt Cut

This simple haircut comes with a punch. This haircut is done straight across the bottom of your natural laying hair creating a bold hard line across the bottom of your hair. This super sleek haircut helps control movement down to almost none. Go bold or go home!


This haircut is quite the opposite of a blunt cut. We take your hair and cut it to have several different lengths and adds plenty of volume. The opinions are endless when it comes to the number of layers and the placement on the head. If you are hoping to achieve volume and dimension, a layered haircut is perfect for you.


This extremely trendy haircut disconnects the back and/or side from the top layer of your hair. Take this cut even further with a nape undercut where the nape, the base portion of the neck, is shaved. This is typically followed up with some really awesome colors and designs.

Buzz Cut or Fade

Don't let gender roles define your style. Plenty of women rock this awesome short hairstyle. We use clippers to cut the majority of the hair. You can get anything from 1 length all over to faded from the skin into the desired length. You can make this style more personalized with a hard part or buzzed head design.

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